​​​​Fairfield County Captains


 Travel Baseball can be a large commitment for families.  It is a physical, emotional and financial commitment to developing your player   for the next level.    You should only commit to a high level baseball program if you intend on making it a top priority for your entire   family.    Commitment to practice, games and tournaments can take up the majority of your weekends for eight to nine months of the   year.     ​

  When evaluating which program is right for your family and your player ask these questions:

  What do the costs cover?   Most travel baseball fees will include league fees, tournament fees, facility costs, field costs, umpire   fees, insurance, baseballs, administrative and professional training costs.   It is good to get a full understanding of the program costs so   you can compare the value of different programs.     

  How much playing time will my player get?   No one can guarantee how much playing time a player will get before the season   starts, however get an understanding of expectations before you commit. 

  How much will we travel?  Tournaments can be a lot of fun for the kids (and parents) but can be costly for the travel and the   lodging.   Not all teams do tournaments and some teams do tournaments only.  Get an understanding of how much travel is involved   before you commit to a program that may not be right for you. 

  Where can I expect my player to improve?   Do not expect overnight success.   Spending money does not equal success.  Ask   for a   training plan for your player and where you can expect to see improvements.  Most improvements will be small and barely   noticeable   over a season but a long term plan with "homework" beyond the scheduled practices will show the best results.  

  How does Captains compare to other travel baseball programs?   Captains excels at finding a strong balance between     winning, development and cost.  Each of our teams decide on which league and which tournaments they will participate in.   We have a     nice blend of league play and tournaments for most teams but usually stay regional for the tournaments.   We are a non-profit     organization and charge only what it costs us to run the program.  However our training is as good as or better than organizations     charging thousands higher.   If you are interested we welcome you to try out.  Contact us for details at captainsrich@gmail.com.