​​​​Fairfield County Captains

Jeff Slane

Founder, The Northeast Pitching and Velocity Development Program

  • Created Northeast Pitching and Velocity Development program. Program participants have had tremendous success increasing velocity and durability during the off-season with our training protocols.  Over the last two off-seasons, one player jumped from 86 mph to 93 mph and another jumped from 79 mph to 88 mph.  Another who began the program two seasons ago with a 79 mph fastball threw an impressive 96 mph in one of our drills during his second off-season of NPVD training. Athletes who participate in the program with Jeff Slane can expect to see improvement in the following areas:
  • ​• VELOCITY (many athletes see 3-to-4 MPH gains in 3-4 weeks)

    • PITCH LIFE (sharper, later movement)

    • RECOVERY TIME (time required to return to 100%)

    • INJURY PREVENTION (pre-hab and care of the arm)




Liam Ohlmann

Milwaukee Brewers

Pitching Instructor 

​​​​Matt Paz

Pitching coach at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT

Our Instructors

Ian Thoesen

Philadelphia Phillies

Ian is a full time Baseball and Softball Instructor at ISTThoesenBaseball with 17 years teaching experience. Currently he is the varsity head coach at Newtown High School and is the Head coach for Wilton Post 86 American legion ages 19-under (wood bat league).  He played professional baseball in the Northern league for three years.  He attended college at nationally ranked Georgia College and won a national championship for NCTC, where he was also an All-American.  Ian teaches all facets of the game, hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding.  He also does college recruiting and college videos.  He works with kids years round doing various camps and clinics.